Ryan Adams at The Civic Theatre (2017)

The stage is lit and in front of the speakers, sit tiger soft toys, alongside the keyboards a 1950’s lampshade. Guitars are ready on their stands as Ryan Adams pre-selected 80’s TV themed music plays throughout the theatre. The 2,400 capacity sold out crowd await in anticipation of their blue denimed hero to walk the stage.


Ryan Adams at The Civic Theatre Saturday 20th May 2017

Ryan Adams struts out, grabs his guitar, speaks into the mic saying “Hi, we’re gonna have some fun tonight” steps back counting 1, 2, 3 and the keyboard begins playing the first single “ Do you still love me” off the new album Prisoner.

Adams gave no time to interact with his loyal audience, instead rewarding them with songs that spans his twenty year career. He performed with white clouds of smokes, and lights that changed with the tempo of the song.

He knows how to mix it up as he and his band jammed for nearly ten minutes on “Magnolia Mountain”.

The 42 year old veteran country rocker is no stranger to performing covers of other musicians and at midpoint he stood alone on stage with one light shining down on him as he sung Oasis’“Wonderwall” mastering it to the crowd’s delight.

The previous visit this North Carolina native tweeted about a missing cat he found around Auckland, but this visit one of his tweets was about “voice of grunge, Chris Cornell”.He surprised everybody by giving a sincere rendition and tribute of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”. People knew tonight was to be savoured. Will the cover appear on other set-lists or will it be something only Auckland fans will remember?

Adams’ voice shone during the night whether it be his early hits or the vulnerability of the new post- breakup album he’s on tour to promote.

I was at a Ryan Adams concert thinking to see a crowd of thirties and forties but his talent is appreciated by all from young twenty somethings to retirees.

Ryan Adams and co. had volume level up to 11 and made sure every fan got what was needed. After a nearly two hour set-list, he left the stage with the crowd cheering encore. He did not return and no one was dissapointed as the resounding echo in their memories was well worth taking.


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